Gays of Our Lives

Ginger & Tonic


One Show Only!

Thursday May 6, 8:30pm @ Bright Courthouse

“These ladies are fantastic” - Tim Minchin


“Some of the most superb vocal skills you will ever encounter” – The Australia Times


Beloved a cappella girl gang Ginger and Tonic are putting their signature spin on a glittery canon of iconic hits; from Kylie to Queen, Ricky Martin to Cher!

It’s a celebration of queer artists and their pride anthems that will have you shaking your bon-bon! Award-winning Melbourne-based quartet, Ginger and Tonic are known for their superb harmonies and hilarious cabaret shows. With fans like Tim Minchin and Deke Sharon (musical director of the Pitch Perfect films), these babes have won the hearts and laughs of audiences all over the world, and they’re inviting you to party with them!


Gays of Our Lives is all about sharing the joy and empowerment of music and getting the party pumping. Witness Ginger and Tonic’s unparalleled energy and talent onstage and boogie along as they pay homage to the vivid colours and pride of the queer community through some of the most well-known anthems of the past century. You’re bound to have karaoked your face off or danced the night away to these tunes before – but you’ve never heard them like this!


Still Living in the 70's

Mark Jones & Melissa Langton


Friday May 7, 6:30pm @ Bright Courthouse

Saturday May 8, 2pm @ Bright Courthouse

“An irresistible double act” - The Melbourne Age
“Remarkable and riveting talent”
- The New York Cabaret Hotline
“Zest, irreverence and loads of vocal power”

- The Australian
“A powerhouse comic performance”

- The Sydney Morning Herald

She’s got the moves of Joe Cocker.
He’s got Freddie Mercury’s teeth.
She’s got the dress sense of the Bay City Rollers
He’s got the pure animal magnetism of Leo Sayer.
They’re gonna nail this!
If you’re not sure you’re ready for Bohemian Rhapsody played on solo recorder you should probably keep your credit card details to yourself.

Fat Bottomed Girls, Roxanne, Afternoon Delight, I Am Woman, Rock Lobster, Short People, Imagine, Big Balls, I Got The Music in Me, Still Living in the Seventies and many more!

Say what you like about 70’s music - it was a great era for burnt orange wallpaper!



Friday May 7, 8:30pm @ Bright Courthouse

Saturday May 8, 6:30pm @ Bright Courthouse

“Comma Sutra induces laughs, reactions of discovery, and vocal appreciations of how elegantly one of the cleverest minds to grace the stage can come across to a pleased crowd” - The Plus Ones

Featuring a host of original songs ranging from audaciously pun-filled to downright saucy, Comma Sutra explores what it means to be a language nerd in an age of text speak and emoji. Improvised poetry, wickedly funny grammar lessons and rants about quotation marks are all part of Fitzhardinge’s journey towards discovering why she is so smitten with the written.


With a love of language that extends beyond just English, polyglot Fitzhardinge switches effortlessly between four languages as she delves into sign language gone hilariously wrong and Germany's penchant for weird and wonderful words, culminating in a show-stopping multilingual finale.


Comma Sutra is an award-nominated, comedic musical romp with heart that celebrates language and nerdiness, and is a must-see for anyone who has cringed at a sign advertising “potato’s”.



An Evening with Dolly Diamond

Dolly Diamond

One show Only!

Saturday May 8, 8:30pm @ Bright Courthouse

"Dolly has the unique ability to keep her audiences on the edge of their seats whilst always feeling safe in the hands of this consummate professional." - Piano Bar Geelong


A show brimming with sass and sarcasm from the Queen of Cabaret this diva knows how to put on an outstanding show. Known for her stand out shows as part of the Midsumma festival, Feast festival and Mardi Gras, Dolly is thrilled to be coming to Bright!



Community Singing in Harmony Workshops

Ginger & Tonic

Anglican Church Hall, Church Street Bright

Saturday 8 May 11am

$20pp 1 hour (15 years +)